@MidasTouchWriter's Terms & Conditions

Invoicing and Payment Terms

The fee for services can either be paid up-front, or a payment arrangement of two (2) payments of 50% is also available. All checks must be made payable to Midas Touch Publishing, LLC.


Late payments

Payment terms are 14 days. Please be aware that the Late Payments of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act of 1998, freelancers are entitled to claim £40.00 late fee upon non-payments of debts after this time, at which point a new invoice will be submitted with the addition of this fee. If payment of the revised invoice is not received within a further 14 days, and additional interest will be charged to the overdue account at a statutory rate of 8% plus Bank of England’s base of 0.5%, totaling 8.5%. Parties cannot contract out of the Act’s provisions.


According to the recent “Freelance Isn’t Free” Act, any invoice not paid by the contract due date or 30 days after services (when no date is specified) can be included in a formal complaint with the New York City’s Office of Labor Policy and Standards (OLPS). If a case is decided for the freelancer, the invoice cost may be awarded at twice the original amount.

Delivery Time

This project will be completed, with all creative elements delivered in full, within the specified timeline. This completion date is entirely reliant upon Client and client's representatives responding and engaging in a timely manner to provide required information for the development of all elements within the scope of work, including but not limited to information-gathering meetings, providing timely feedback and revisions, etc. Any delays in project completion are the responsibility of Client and representatives, based on their engagement in this project.

Technology and Third Party Systems

@MidasTouchWriter’s services do not include third-party software, platforms, delivery systems, etc required for funnel development and execution. All subscription or purchase fees for third-party services or software are not included in this proposal, and are the sole responsibility of Client.


Scope of Work Revisions

During development, the stated Scope of Work may require adjustments and/or changes. Depending on the magnitude of a particular change, a decrease or increase to the estimate may be necessary. These changes will be communicated to Client via a revised or addendum SOW requiring client approval.

All materials will be developed to the best of our understanding regarding best practices and the Client's brand look and feel. If revisions are required mid-project due to the introduction of new guidelines after, an additional estimate will be provided in order to complete project work.

If content updates/changes after initial delivery are requested, Agency will provide an additional Scope of Work for client approval.


This offer will automatically expire 7 days from issuance unless accepted in writing by Client prior to such date. Unless accepted, Agency reserves the right to amend, change or withdraw this Agreement, in whole or in part, at any time during the 7-day offer period.


Time Frame

Given the nature of consultation services, Agency cannot be held accountable for Client's actions and performance of recommended marketing activities. This project will be considered closed and fully delivered upon four (4) weeks after all marketing materials have been provided, irrespective of the status of project completion or execution.


Performance Disclaimer

Agency provides marketing consultation and expertise. We make every effort to represent our programs accurately. Your ability to make money in your business is unlimited. That said, Agency does not guarantee that you will earn any money using the strategies, techniques and ideas contained in its materials.

Your degree of success in achieving the results stated in our solutions is also determined by the time you devoted to the plan, ideas and methods mentioned, information and various expertise.


More importantly, all results are subject to the changing market conditions, search engine algorithm updates, changes in social behavior online, buyer intent and the like. As these factors vary with the type of business that you have, we simply cannot guarantee your ability to succeed or revenue level.

We assume no responsibility for any losses or damages resulting from your use of any link, information, or opportunity contained within any information disclosed by Agency and it's representatives in any form whatsoever.


Should the project be canceled at any time, Client will be billed for time and expenses incurred to date.

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